Covid-19 Deep Cleaning Service

We offer specialist Coronavirus deep cleans carried out to the safety guidelines set out by Public Health England. Our trained cleaning experts carry out decontamination cleaning and sanitation using a fogging process to destroy all traces of the virus. Our sanitisation process includes sanitising of all surfaces- focusing on touch points such as furniture, desks, computers, doors, kitchens and toilets. Areas are deep cleaned by our trained professionals wearing sterile disposable overalls, hats, masks, gloves and protective footwear. After cleaning with sterilising chemicals, the areas are sealed and taped-off, ready for testing.

We use a Disinfectant Fogging Process. Fogging is a highly effective method that will leave all surfaces santised and virus free. By using specialist powerful dry steam fogging machines, we are able to cover vast areas without missing any surfaces and without the need to wipe over afterwards. The prroduct sprayed is a powerful broad-spectrum government-approved germicide. This disinfectant fogging process helps keeps areas sterilised for up to 7 days as long as nobody re-enters the room who has subsequently displayed any symptoms of illness. On completion a full specialist report can be provided upon request, detailing areas and surfaces covered, completion date and time and covered by who.

We use V1 Firewall Virucidal to give your premises a thorough and full clean. V1 Firewall Virucidal is a specialist product effective against enveloped viruses and Certified to EN 14476, 1276, 14675, 13604 (The main Virucidal Standards). We focus on high frequency touch points including handles, taps and work surfaces but will also vacuum and mop floors and clean surface in kitchen and bathrooms. V1 Firewall Virucidal is safe to use on all surfaces, Non-Hazardous, Non-Toxic and Bleach Free.

On Request Cleanworks are able to provide a final report with photos and videos detailing the following.

  • Areas and surfaces covered
  • Covered by
  • Time and date
  • Supervised by
  • Completion pictures

  • Our clients include:

    What some of our clients are saying:

    We have been impressed with the Cleanworks service – good quality cleaning and good customer service.

    Kevin Sammy

    Vision Recruitment

    Cleanworks have always gone over and above on a challenging site to deliver first class cleaning – recommended.

      Kim Hang

    The Workers League

    If you are looking for a cleaning company who is reliable and trustworthy then call the Clean Works.


    David Johnson

    Swallows & Daggers

    Why The Clean Works?


    We have over 10 years’ experience of providing high level, cost effective cleaning services to businesses across London.

    Cost Effective

    Our ethos is to provide high standards of cleaning with strong account management to ensure smooth day to day running of your cleaning contract at an affordable price.

    Strong Account Management

    We provide a dedicated point of contact for each client to manage all elements of your cleaning and ensure best possible standards.

    Our Advantages

    Direct Chat Group

    Quick and easy communication with WhatsApp groups

    We provide each client with a WhatsApp group where they can adviseany feedback or issues and we can deal with them straightaway.


    GPS Time Sheets

    Pay only when your cleaner is on site. 

    We want to ensure 100% transparency for our clients so they have peace of mind thaty their cleaning is being done correctly and to the highest possible standard.


    Peace of Mind

    All our cleaners are vetted, insured and fully CRB checked.  

    We provide stringent checks on all our employees and prove each of our clients with comprehensive insurance.


    Tech Based

    Our teams are co-ordinated using a GPS based app, so you’ll always know when we’re onsite!

    We provide you with the knowledge of when your cleaners on site, giving you information and peace of mind in your workplace.


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